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Impact of the IWG on Participation

Impact of the IWG on Participation

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The primary purpose of this presentation is to demonstrate IWG’s impact in Botswana from 2014 to 2018, particularly, the IWG’s impactful role in giving women in Botswana and the region a voice, awareness and visibility in Botswana sports. There is a strong case that this impact is extended to the entire continent. In addition, the presentation focuses on empirical research to encourage potential future hosts and the IWG Community to incorporate more research in demonstrating the IWG impact. The secondary objective is to promote the implementation of IWG Botswana Big 5 legacy. In order to establish IWG’s pivotal role in advancing gender equity, authors used focus groups and reviewed academic literature, and government documents. In addition, the authors used content analysis to examine seven popular Botswana newspapers and also conducted interviews with sport reporters. The findings indicate that hosting the IWG brought various opportunities that helped women become more empowered in their participation in sport at different levels. The findings also reflect that IWG contributes to the improvement of women's sport conditions in Botswana. Above all, IWG Botswana legacies could be a catalyst to build more structures and develop more policies for women and sport growth nationally. With findings from this study, the author suggests further investigations on the influences of IWG should pay more attention to long term local changes of women's conditions in sport fields in hosting countries.

Systems, Resources and Investment

Speaking team

Game Gotlhe G. Mothibi
Game Gotlhe G. Mothibi, Botswana
University of Tsukuba

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