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Climate Change and Women’s Sport

Climate Change and Women’s Sport

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The relationship between sport and the natural environment is bidirectional. In one direction, sport impacts the natural environment (i.e. through emissions, waste). In the opposite direction, the natural environment impacts sport (i.e. through weather, air quality, availability of raw materials, etc.). 

Since the 1990s, sport management scholars have explored the ways the sport industry impacts the natural environment. They have done so through the lenses of sport sustainability (Kellison & Hong, 2015; Mallen & Chard, 2012; Mallen, Adams, Stevens, & Thompson, 2010b, Sartore-Baldwin & McCullough, 2018), corporate social responsibility (Casper, Pfahl, & McSherry, 2012; Inoue & Kent, 2012a; 2012b; Trendafilova et al., 2013), and sport industry influence on pro-environmental behaviors (Casper, Pfahl, & McCullough, 2017; Chard & Mallen, 2012; Dolf & Teehan, 2015; Kellison & Kim, 2014; McCullough, 2013; Trail, 2015; 2016). Recently, a new line of research has emerged exploring the impacts of climate change on the sport industry (Orr & Inoue, 2018) and adaptation behaviors of athletes, organizations, and fans (Bristow & Jenkins, 2018; Orr & Schneider, 2018).

In 2020, McCullough et al. advanced the term Sport Ecology to draw together the literature and provide an umbrella term for this emerging research domain. In this workshop, the current state of the climate emergency will be introduced through the lens of how climate change is currently impacting sports, and the best available projections for future climate change impacts. To help sport managers and coaches develop a strategy for climate response, four useful frameworks will be introduced in this workshop and attendees will have the opportunity to work through each framework using simulations and scenario-planning activities.

Environmental Sustainability

Speaking team

Madeleine Orr
Madeleine Orr, United Kingdom
Loughborough University in London
Daniel Sailofsky
Daniel Sailofsky
Middlesex University London
Sheila Nguyen
Sheila Nguyen
Sports Environment Alliance

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